Zelco Logistics

Zelco Logistics is a consultancy and training agency founded in 1990 by our CEO Alfons Van Zele. With a firm conviction to better support companies in their logistic flow, he transformed Zelco into what it is today: specialized in optimizing all kinds of logistic processes and in the meantime grown into a fixed value on the Belgian and international logistic market.

No project is too big

What are our values?

  • we are neutral and only look for the best solution for our customer
  • we strive for a high level of competence that is always in line with new trends in society
  • because of our family anchoring, we think strongly about sustainability and the long term.
  • we always develop our solutions and proposals in close cooperation with the customer
  • We underpin our solutions with progressive data analyses, observations and state-of-the-art visions.
  • we ensure the anchoring of knowledge by developing modern forms of learning and adapted practical training.

What makes Zelco unique?

At Zelco Logistics we go 100% for a personal and appropriate approach for your company or organisation. We do not start from a ready-made solution, but we start from your logistics problem and the objectives. Our focus is on a sustainable and future-oriented solution. Flexibility is very important to us. We want our clients to be able to switch quickly and work in a way that is comfortable for them. Based on our experience, we help our clients to adapt to an ever-changing world.

We take a thorough approach to this. Can't track your warehouse with the adjustments since e-commerce? We are there for you. Are you looking for a way to get your stock under control? Here too, we know what to do! Is your production not running smoothly or is your transport cost too high? Together with you, we analyse the problem and work out the best solution. Or is there just a problem with the digital transformation or the control of the processes by computer? We will solve all this together with you.

Our expertise stretches across the 5 domains of the supply chain: warehouse, stock, production, transport. and supply chain integration. Within these domains, in addition to high-quality consulting and support, we also offer highly practical training courses and even practical system solutions.

Together with your team, we dive into the processes and improve them where necessary. We carefully scrutinise the procedures, map them out and discuss the steps for improvement with you. Findings are presented, improvement paths are mapped out. We also think about coordination with partners and cooperation with external parties.

Our team consists of experienced consultants with a proven track-record in logistics. They are flexible, think long-term and take responsibility for every project. At the basis of their expertise lies a passion for logistics. They share their passion by assisting you with appropriate advice or as a teacher in one of our logistics training courses (link).

Zelco has guaranteed quality for 30 years. We improve your logistics process. No project is too big or too small for our logistics consultants. We don't shy away from any challenge, and we won't be satisfied until we have a perfect answer to your questions!

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  1. Supply chain management

  2. Warehouse management

  3. Stock management

  4. Production planning

  5. Transport management