Logistics training

We have developed a total offer for classroom and digital training within our areas of expertise.
Choose a module, a long-term programme with certification or combine several programmes as it suits you.

Are you looking for a logistics training?

At Zelco we offer various training courses in all areas of the logistics spectrum: warehouse, stock, production, transport, supply chain, etc...

Our consultants, who spend most of their time solving logistical problems at companies, are hired as teachers in all our training courses. In this way, we can substantiate the theory with many practical examples and you can immediately get to work in practice after the training!

We offer all our training programmes in both physical and digital form.

Digital & physical classroom

In a physical classroom we bring several participants at the same time and at the same location together with a teacher. In a class there is a direct contact between the teacher and the participants. Moreover, the classmates will also interact with each other and strengthen each other to build up the knowledge.

As in a physical classroom workshop, in our digital workshops we also work in groups and build a digital classroom where the participants are digitally connected to each other. The participants will not only be able to contact the teachers but also their classmates. We will use the Zelco learning platform for this purpose.


Our range of training courses consists of the following formulas:

  • Masterclasses: courses consisting of 3 to 5 workshops, which are the reference for each field of logistics expertise.
  • Long-term courses: intensive courses consisting of various modules and providing an all-round view of the supply chain.
  • Bootcamps: short and very practical operational training courses that focus on how certain processes operate
  • Thematic workshops: shorter training sessions that give you quick and in-depth insight into a specific topic.
  • In-company training: training completely tailored to your company
  • Other courses: Are you looking for a job? Maybe the course you are looking for is one of our other courses!


Our masterclasses are in-depth and practically oriented programmes that provide all the necessary insights to build and manage your organisation optimally.

It is a programme that starts with specific objectives in a specific domain (warehouse, transport, production, stock, supply chain, etc.), after which the processes are analysed and applied.

After attending one of our master classes, you will have an integral vision of that domain and you will be able to optimally align and manage your processes.

Thematic workshops

When you follow one of our thematic workshops, you go deeper into a specific topic or method. In a few sessions all your questions will be answered and you will be able to start working with this newly acquired knowledge!

Long-term study programmes with certification

In the case of a long-term training course, we provide thorough insights into several logistics domains. Thanks to these intensive programmes, you will be able to fully retrain yourself or take your logistics knowledge to a higher level. Depending on the programme, you will follow lessons for several months at a rate of 1 day per week or 2 weeks. After the training you will be able to start working with practical professional knowledge.

We make this possible thanks to our lecturers who have built up expertise in their field over many years and who share their knowledge and experience with you with great dedication. In addition, all our long-term courses are certified.


A bootcamp is a short and very practical operational training course that focuses on how the processes function. The aim is to strengthen the insights of the operational staff and to teach them which factors have an important influence on the quality and productivity of the logistic processes.

They are therefore more focused on 'how does it work' and 'how can I make the right decisions to achieve the objectives'.

In company training courses

Our in-company training courses are ideal when you need training tailored to your specific business needs. With our in-company training courses we can go deeper into questions and problems related to your company at a time that fits in with your planning. What's more, in-company training makes it easy for you to train several employees at the same time, either on the shop floor or digitally.

Other courses

Are you not an employee but looking for a logistics training? Then you can also come to Zelco! Together with various partners such as Cevora and VDAB, we organise a number of training courses for jobseekers.

Can't find what you are looking for? Do you have specific questions or problems?

Contact us and we'd be happy to work out a training course tailored to your needs.

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