Consultancy and co-management

Need extra support in the logistics management team? You can also call on our expertise for co-management or coaching of the management team.

Our approach

Unlike many other consultants, we do not start from a solution, but from the problem. In order to be able to do this, it is necessary to make a good analysis. So we start by listening to your story, your question. We observe the operation and listen and talk to the operators. This is followed by a full (data) analysis in order to arrive at a final solution and an implementation plan. We discuss this in detail with the management team and after the decision we are ready to implement with you and your team the necessary changes by carefully avoiding hurdles and pitfalls so that we can move straight to the goal in full cooperation with your teams. That is what we call co-management.

Curious about how we approach a project like this? We will gladly inform you about the various stages

What can you contact us for?

Over the years, we have successfully completed numerous consulting projects. We did this for large and small companies, at home and abroad and in all kinds of sectors. So our logistics consultants have acquired a wide range of knowledge, which they are happy to share with you.

Our clients asked us for advice in various logistics sub-areas:

Warehouse management

We helped numerous customers with the (re)organisation of their warehouse:

  • Optimisation of the existing warehouse
  • Completely new building project of a warehouse: determination of the location, warehouse layout, order picking strategies, choice of logistic partners ...
  • Support in the choice and implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Design and organisation for conventional and mechanised warehouses
  • Determine KPIs within the warehouse
  • Flows of returned goods (reverse logistics)
  • Cost savings within the warehouse
  • Warehouse automation and robots in the warehouse
  • Merging B2B and B2C
  • Ergonomic order picking thanks to our picking rakes

Production management

Logistics also play a major role in production. Correct production planning is therefore very important. You can come to us for advice:

  • Purchasing policy and replenishment
  • Production policy and planning
  • Layout of the production plant
  • Optimisation of the production process and production cost
  • MRP: How can I best plan my material and capacity?
  • Choice and implementation of a Production System
  • How can we use modern technology to optimise production planning?
  • Priorities and Production 4.0

Supply chain management

The needs of our customers are very diverse. Some need support in a specific domain, for others we take a broader approach to the project and take care of the entire supply chain. For them, we will optimise the entire supply chain step by step:

  • What are the components and objectives of my supply chain?
  • We make an analysis of stocks and warehouse management.
  • We map out the transport and distribution network and see where we can improve it.
  • We look at the typology and planning techniques of the production system.
  • In this way, we can analyse your organisation's entire supply chain and streamline it better.

Are the above areas of experience not fully in line with your needs?

You can also contact us for specific logistics software applications, an operational audit and all kinds of workshops.

Operational audit

You can also call on our logistics consultants for an operational audit and the identification of points for improvement.

  • Strategic and operational audit of the logistics functions
  • Operational audit of information policy
  • General policy evaluation and benchmarking

Stock management

In times of 'just in time' and 'lean', everyone wants to limit their stocks as much as possible. Yet there are factors that make you want to build up a certain security stock. A difficult issue, but we are happy to help you with the solution. We have already completed projects:

  • Procurement policy and replenishment
  • Stock cost optimisation
  • Which order model fits my organisation?
  • How do I determine my safety stock?
  • What prediction techniques are there?
  • Practical elaboration of a Smart ordering system

Transport and distribution planning

Many companies are struggling to organise transport. We are happy to offer our customers the necessary support to optimise their transport organisation:

  • Purchase of transport: Which partner to choose (1PL, 2PL, 3PL or even 4PL)? What should we pay attention to? What KPIs can we set?
  • Optimising trip planning and the load factor
  • Optimising transport costs
  • How to deal with reverse logistics
  • Legal framework of transport: Regulation of road transport, cargo insurance ...
  • Support in the choice and implementation of a transport management system (TMS)Software

As we have often faced similar challenges in warehouse management and stock control, we have developed some simple tools of our own to help you manage your stock and warehouse.

  • Warehouse Optimiser Z for the optimal location of your warehouse.
  • Locator Z for recording and controlling the flow of goods within your organisation.
  • Warehouse Analysis Z for an optimal warehouse organisation.
  • Order Z to optimise your stocks

Workshops and trainings

Over the years Zelco Logistics has developed an extensive range of training courses. You can come to us for in-depth workshops such as:

  • Integral logistics
  • Stock policy
  • Production planning
  • Warehouse layout and management
  • Physical distribution and transport
  • PC use for logistics applications
  • Quality in logistics

Would you like to know more?

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