Stock management

In times of 'Lean' and 'Just in time', stocks are often called into question. Nevertheless, keeping stock is in most cases an important element to smoothen the supply chain operation and to adapt it to the needs for customer service or production planning. Is your stock management not running smoothly? Are the costs too high? Are you looking for an order system? Come and visit us for the appropriate advice or brush up your knowledge in one of our training courses

The essence of inventory management is to determine when to order a product and how much is needed to keep up the service level to customers or production to the level as decided by the strategic plans. Companies often keep too much stock that is not adapted to the needs of the moment. Inventory management is therefore also about looking into the future and applying efficient rules for ordering goods. Does your company also struggle with these issues? Zelco thinks along with you about the optimal stock for your department or company!

We help you determine which parameters and decision-making rules you should apply to your products and how you can monitor and improve stock levels. We look at the expectations of your customers or production and determine with you the strategy for making the right choice between those expectations and the cost of inventory holding.

We give you everything you need to optimise orders by taking into account review times, delivery times, risks for obsolete stock, fluctuations in demand and seasonal influences etc... Thanks to an in-depth data analysis, your stock management will be more efficient in terms of service and costs..

An overview of stock questions we can help you with:

  • What is the optimal replenishment system adapted to your business,
  • How to determine optimal stock levels
  • How to put together a stock policy that is completely understood and adopted by your teams
  • Is a static or dynamic ordering system the solution to your service level problem?
  • How to balance stock rotation and high customer service
  • How to put in place practical order systems that take into account future needs
  • How to implement item segmentation in distribution and production
  • An in-depth data analysis and audit of your stock management
  • How to select and maintain an automatic ordering system
  • How to deal with overstock, dead stock, loss of value or obsolete products
  • How to integrate your stock management into the ERP
  • How to deal with favourable price offers and investment buy?

Would you like to start already your understanding of optimal stock policies before asking for our support to implement new solutions?

Then follow our Stock Management Masterclass and learn everything about safety stocks, static and dynamic ordering systems, stock variables, the EOQ, the ordering moment, etc.

We don't overload you with theory but teach you step by step with practical examples of how to determine when and how many products you order. After all, the right products at the right time in the right quantity in the right place: that is what stock management is all about.

How can Zelco help you with stock management?

There are different approaches to stock management: You can opt for a static or a dynamic order model, you can choose to order at fixed times (Fixed order cycle) or to order fixed quantities (Fixed order quantity)... So there are a lot of (mathematical) questions that come up when managing the stock. Need help with stock management? We are happy to help you on your way!

We can assist you in different ways:

  • A consultancy project, where our team of experienced consultants will work with you to find the most suitable solution for your question.
  • Sign up for the Stock Management Masterclass or follow one of our workshops or bootcamps.
  • In need of tailor-made training? No problem! We will be happy to visit you to see what questions your team is left with and tailor a unique programme to suit your company.