Production planning

The right amount of raw materials at the right time in the right place to serve the customer on time is the dream of every production manager. Production planning is an indispensable step in the logistics chain and you need to understand the typology of production processes, material planning and production costs. Only then can you apply the various planning techniques. Do you want to optimise your production or improve your planning knowledge? Zelco knows what to do! Make an appointment!

Every production environment faces major challenges in an ever changing economy. You have to combine the increasing demand of your customers in terms of quality and delivery times with the increasing safety requirements and traceability of raw materials, components etc.. On top of this, as a company you strive for efficiency, manageable stocks and sufficient flexibility and you have to adapt to and adopt the new ways of thinking about organisational efficiency and new digital concepts..

You are therefore constantly looking for ways to optimise your production processes by planning and monitoring them better. In addition, we are increasingly looking for digital means to better connect the various processes. Maybe the layout of your production doesn't allow all that anymore and you need to re-examine and improve the flow. Or maybe you're thinking of reducing labour or material costs.

No idea where to start for getting a well-functioning production system that is flexible and dynamic and how to adapt quickly to changing market conditions? One of our Zelco consultants will be happy to look into it with you!

Some of the activities Zelco can help you with:

  • Deliver on time at an optimum cost
  • Finding the balance between optimised production and stocks
  • Determine rules for optimising set ups or changeovers, production wheels, batch sizes
  • Planning of projects and production
  • Optimisation of MRP(material requirements), CRP (capacity requirements) and time phasing
  • How to work always at the right priority and how to define priorities and manage them correctly
  • Optimise production layout and flow
  • Production 4.0 and digitisation
  • Cost control in a production environment
  • Selection and implementation of software package for steering and controlling your production PMS
  • In-depth data analysis and audit with identification of areas of improvement
  • Lean concepts and supply of components to production

Are you looking for a training programme on these topics and would you like to dive deep into the theory of MRP and CRP, dynamic priorities and production systems? Then the master class Production Planning will provide you with the basics of modern production management?

How can Zelco help optimise your production environment?

We can assist you in different ways:

  • A consultancy project, where our team of experienced consultants will work with you to find the most suitable solution for your question.
  • Sign up for the Production Planning Masterclass or follow one of our workshops or bootcamps.
  • In need of tailor-made training? No problem! We will be happy to visit you to see what are the main questions of your team and how we can put together an in-company training tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Would you like to know more about production management or production planning? Our consultants and trainers will be happy to help you optimise your production planning!