Logistics advice

Zelco Logistics consists of a team of experienced logistics experts, who are happy to share their knowledge with you. You can come to us for logistics advice in the form of consultancy, audit, co-management, coaching or training, change management.

Our consultants are happy to share their knowledge and experience to improve the logistics operation of your company. They have years of practical experience in (re)organising warehouses, optimising stocks, improving customer service, streamlining production, planning and realising transport, selecting logistics partners, selecting and implementing adapted software systems, guiding and implementing change, etc.

Here are some of the pillars of our approach:

  • neutral advice in the interest of the customer
  • clear and in-depth observation and analysis of the problems, opportunities and objectives
  • in-depth data analysis with an emphasis on flows and costs
  • optimal cooperation with the local teams
  • the integrated approach that looks at the optimal alignment of process steps
  • customised state of the art solutions and digital optimisation
  • we provide also the necessary co-management to realise the change

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