Warehouse management

Warehouse management is an important component of a flexible and cost-efficient supply chain. It also has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Warehouse costs take a considerable bite out of the budget but there are always a lot of opportunities for improvement. New techniques, methods and systems are constantly developed and appropriate change management will be needed to implement them. Not entirely convinced whether your warehouse is future-proof? Zelco can advise and support you in this!

Warehouse organisation is often underestimated. There are many concepts and solutions that we can implement but most of all we must tailor our warehouse operation to the real needs of the customer in a cost efficient way. Every warehouse is unique and the warehouse operation is constantly in search of the optimal balance not only between space and movement but also between customer service and operational cost. A nice challenge!. How do we put together the optimal organisational structure for the warehouse and how do we change the culture so that we can constantly be working in a state of the art operation? That is exactly where the strength of the Zelco team can be beneficial for your company. We organise for you all types of warehouses from very high tech automatic approaches to highly flexible conventional methods and optimal support of ICT and smart solutions.

A very important milestone can be the selection of a Third Party service provider. Not only the selection process must be handled carefully but most of all the optimal cooperation between the partners will be a key factor for a long term succes. Another important milestone can be the review of the operational procedures and the implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS) that suits better your warehouse flow. Specifically in the context of the emergence of new processes for turning warehouses from a B2B (business to business) into a B2C (business to consumer) environment and the creation of hybrid solutions combining the 2 approaches in one fluent operation a re-engineering of the warehouse needs comptent support.

These decisions raise a lot of questions when optimising the operation of your warehouse. Would you like our tailored advice, or would you like to follow a training course on warehouse management? Zelco can help you with that.

We can advise you how to adapt your warehouse to the increasing e-commerce demand, how to organise your warehouse activities by implementing lean concepts, or how to save costs without compromising your customer service. In need of a WMS or assistance with its implementation? We can support you in this as well.

An overview of warehouse questions we can help you with:

  • The design and re-engineering of conventional or automatic warehouses
  • the design of a completely new warehouse in a green field
  • the transformation of your warehouse into e-commerce
  • The choice of a partner for outsourcing or the decision for insourcing external activities
  • Determining the warehouse layout and optimising the logistic flow
  • Optimising processes and costs in inbound and outbound activities
  • The selection and implementation of an appropriate WMS
  • An in-depth data analysis and audit in which we formulate various areas of improvement.
  • The switch to warehouse 4.0 and a digital transformation of your warehouse
  • the management of culture change towards a smooth operation with full involvement of the operational teams

Would you like to gain more insight into how you can cope with changes in the supply chain by organising your warehouse differently? Or do you want to gain the core competencies of warehouse management and find out how to create the good balance between the lowest possible cost and the highest possible level of service.Then one of our training sessions can be something for you. Take a look at our Warehouse Management Masterclass here.

How can Zelco help you with your warehouse management?

We can assist you in different ways:

  • A consultancy project, where our team of experienced consultants will work with you to find the most suitable solution for your question.
  • Register for the Warehouse Management master class or follow one of our Warehouse Management workshops or bootcamps.
  • In need of tailor-made training? No problem! We will be happy to visit you to see what are the main questions of your team and how we can put together an in-company training tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

So there are a lot of aspects you have to take into account in good warehouse management. Can you use some advice? We are here for you!