Efficient warehouse management

This training course provides full insight into designing, operating, controlling and managing a warehouse. The workshops are very practical and focus on interaction. They are offered in a digital or classical format to allow direct contact between the teacher and other classmates.


In this master class you will receive a thorough, in-depth training on the role of the warehouse in the supply chain and how this warehouse can be controlled and optimised.

We will cover such topics as:

  • Different roles and objectives of the warehouse in supply chain
  • Analysis and optimisation of the various warehouse activities: from inbound to outbound
  • Controlling daily warehouse operations
  • Lay-out and warehouse equipment
  • KPI's and performance measurement
  • Warehouse costs
  • Warehouse maintenance and optimisation
  • Dynamic status, productivity and priority management
  • WMS: Warehouse Management Systems
  • Warehouse automation
  • Trends in warehousing
  • Warehouse 4.0
  • Company tour

After this training you will be fully familiar with all warehouse-related activities. You will understand the factors influencing an optimal, customer oriented, productive and cost-efficient warehouse organisation. Consequently, you will be bale to apply these factors in a purposeful manner. You will also be able to efficiently manage a warehouse operation.

Target group and Organisation

This training course is aimed at anyone who is interested in or responsible for the organisation, lay-out, supervision, control and management of a warehouse or supply chain. Consultants, accountants, trainers or people with a keen interest for warehousing get their fill here.

If you want to redesign and reorganise your warehouse in a more efficient way with optimal performance, you are at the right place!

The programme consists of a unique mix of interactive workshops and e-learning. As a student, you will gain access to the online Zelco learning platform, where you will find in-depth theory, as well as practical examples and exercises.

During the e-learning you will have time to get acquainted with the concepts that will be discussed in the following workshop and be able to put them into practice in advance. Additionally, you will have access to an online forum, where questions and discussion threads can be exchanged between fellow students and the teacher. This will create a strong group dynamic both on- and offline.

The 5 workshops are organised at fixed times in which both the instructor and the students take part. The workshops are focused on providing further clarification of the theory and on making more complex exercises aimed at the practical application in an actual working environment. Experiences are exchanged between course members, and active participation with an open dialogue between instructors and students is always central to our workshops.

A company tour to visit an actual warehouse workplace is also provided during or after the course. Students are notified as soon as a date for this excursion has been set.


The training with digital workshops costs € 1950 excl. VAT.

The training with physical workshops costs € 2350 excl. VAT.

For this you will receive a high quality programme and access to the e-learning platform with theory, exercises and a digital discussion group where you can communicate with teachers and fellow students!

Subsidy opportunities

Programme 5 digital workshops

  • Support: Preparatory digital support for the participant
  • Workshop 1: Kick off + concepts and objectives of warehouse organisation
  • E-learning: Typology and processes for reception, staging and location management
  • Workshop 2: Practical organisation and optimisation of inbound processes
  • E-learning: Typology and processes for storage, order picking, packaging and shipping
  • Workshop 3: Practical organisation and optimisation of outbound processes
  • E-learning: Layout of the warehouse, transport and storage techniques
  • Workshop 4: Data analysis for warehouse layout and optimisation
  • E-learning: Basic forms for mechanisation of warehouses + communication
  • Workshop 5: KPI, planning, control of the warehouse, trends in warehouse operations

After the training, the Zelco learning platform will remain available for another 6 months.

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