Practical stock management

This master class provides full insight into the role of stocks and the various methods for ordering products for customer service or components for production. We look for the optimal balance between customer service and cost of stock. Not very happy with your inventory levels and your customer service? Start today by enrolling to this basic training in practical methods for inventory control .


In this master class you will receive a thorough, in-depth training on the role of stock and on the ordering techniques that allow you to optimise stock and service levels. What are the ideal stock levels and how can we achieve an optimal balance between stock cost and availability?

During this training, we deal with topics such as:

  • Role of stocks in the supply chain
  • Costs related to inventory
  • Choice and use of ordering methods
  • EOQ or Economic Order Quantity
  • Static and dynamic ordering system
  • Forecasting techniques
  • Operation of an ordering system
  • Strategic stock management
  • Stock management in production and distribution environment
  • Practical simulation in MS Excel

After this training you will have all the knowledge in your hands:

  • Define, interpret and influence the stock parameters in order to achieve the objectives set for stock and customer service.
  • make conscious choices that affect stock and forecasts
  • stimulate order scenarios

Target group and Organisation

This training is aimed at everyone who is or will be responsible for strategic and operational stock management and for ordering to suppliers or production and monitoring service levels.

Consultants, software specialists, trainers, accountants who need a practical insight into stock management are also fully catered for here.

During the e-learning you will have the time to get acquainted with the concepts that will be discussed in the workshop and to practice these in advance. In addition, a forum will also be made available. This will be the 'place' for questions and discussions with fellow students and the teacher. In this way the group dynamics will be strengthened both online and offline.

The 5 digital workshops or the 3 physical workshops are organised at fixed times and both the instructor and all students take part. The workshops serve to provide further clarification of the theory and to make more complex exercises aimed at its practical application. Experiences are also exchanged between the course members. Active participation and dialogue between lecturers and course members is always central to the workshops.


The training with digital workshops costs € 1950 excluding VAT.

The training with physical workshops costs € 2350 excl. VAT.

You will receive a high-quality programme and access to the e-learning platform with theory, exercises and a digital discussion group where you can communicate with teachers and fellow students!

Subsidy opportunities

Programme 5 digital workshops

  • Support: Preparatory digital support for the participant
  • Workshop 1: Kick off, Introduction stock management, inventory costs and EOQ
  • E-learning: EOQ + case study and the static order model
  • Workshop 2: Practice of static order model
  • E-learning: Static order model case study and application in Excel
  • Workshop 3: Dynamic order model and application in Excel
  • E-learning: Dynamic order model case study and prediction techniques
  • Workshop 4: Forecasting techniques, product behaviour, choice of ordering method
  • E-learning: Simulation with the built-up order model in Excel
  • Workshop 5: Strategic stock management

After the training, the Zelco learning platform will remain available for another 6 months.

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