Digital training at Zelco

Coronaproof logistics training at Zelco!

The corona crisis did not stop Zelco from further developing its training offer. On the contrary!

In the past, we have put a lot of effort into "blended learning", combining classroom sessions with e-learning and online exercises. Now we went a step further and organised the workshops digitally as well!

So the training offer didn't stop at Zelco. No less than 6 logistics training courses have started this spring!

What makes our approach so successful?

The art lies in the combination, the blending of forms of training. Letting students listen or read for a whole day? That doesn't work, our teachers know.

That's why we offer a very varied approach: explaining theory or having them go through it themselves, videos and exercises alternate.

We often use the principle of the "flipped classroom". The students go through the theory at their own rhythm via e-learning and do exercises. These exercises are then discussed in the workshops. This offers many advantages for our workshops:

  • The course members can learn the subject matter at their own pace.
  • Workshops are much more interactive, students are really involved in discussions
  • The students are more or less at the same level, they speak the same language.
  • The teacher can focus on specific questions the students have
  • ...

In these workshops, you can also go deeper into the theory, e.g. through practical cases. Here Zelco Logistics has the big advantage that our teachers are also consultants. So they can test the theoretical models against their practical experience in many companies.

An additional advantage of this asynchronous learning is that the students can do this at any time. Early bird, night bird or rather just nine-to-five? Everything is possible in our approach!

We already received praise from course participant Hans from AVA. He followed the stock management course.

"I have learnt a lot from this training. It is an enrichment for my insights in the field of stock management. I did experience the online world very intensively. It comes in immediately and it is less light-hearted. But this doesn't take anything away from the quality of the training".

Would you also like to follow a coronaproof logistics training? Then take a quick look at our Training offer!