Warehouse management

Are you responsible for a warehouse?

Or would you like to be able to understand and steer the various factors for an optimized, customer-oriented, productive and cost-efficient warehouse organization?

Then this 5-day course Warehouse Management is a perfect fit for you!

In the training we will elaborate on topics such as:

  • The general operation of a warehouse
  • Warehouse costs
  • Layout of the warehouse
  • The management of the warehouse and WMS
  • Analysis of goods flow
  • KPI’s and performance measurement
  • Warehouse maintenance and optimization
  • Dynamic status, productivity and priority management
  • Automation
  • Newest visions in lean warehousing 

General information

The course Warehouse Management takes 5 days: 4 classroom sessions and 1 e-learning day. You get access to the Zelco e-learning platform. You get access to a discussion group via this platform, and we provide the necessary virtual coaching. This way you can skip the traffic jams for 1 day!


The training costs € 1950.

You get high-quality training, access to the e-learning platform, coffee, a 2-course lunch and free parking!


Day to day program

Session 1: Roles and responsibilities in the supply chain 

  • The roles and added value of the warehouse in the supply chain
  • The complexity of the supply chain
    • Sales vs. production vs. inventory vs. distribution
    • Lead times
  • Customer service
  • Warehouses in production and in distribution
  • Warehouse management
    • The role of the warehouse manager, supervisor or operator
    • Daily management of the warehouse
    • Warehouse optimisation 
    • KPI's
  • The operations and flows in the warehouse

Session 2: E-learning 

  • Internal transportation: overview and decision criteria 
  • Means of storage: overview and decision criteria
  • Data Captation and communication: overview and decision criteria
  • Warehouse operations

Session 3 and 4: Warehouse operations and organisation 

  • Basics of warehouse organisation 
  • The WMS
  • Planning and procedures for goods receipt
  • Location management and putaway strategies 
  • Planning, creation and follow-up of picking orders
  • Packing and consolidation
  • Inventory and cycle count
  • Warehouse zones and layout
  • Quantitative analysis of the warehouse processes 

Session 5: Warehouse 4.0

  • Defenition and use of important KPI's
  • Costs and cost optimisation
  • Lean warehousing
  • Warehouse planning
  • Status management
  • Dynamic priority management
  • Capacity
  • Big data, loT, E-business