Warehouse management


Provide a clear understanding of the principles for balancing material flows and work loads in a warehouse or distribution center in order to install a productive and cost effective operation. Provide the necessary knowhow and techniques to organise or to improve the working methods in warehouses and distribution centers.


All staff members and executives who are in charge of the management or the organization of warehouses or distribution centers or those who are aiming at taking over these responsibilities in the future.

DAY 1: Integrated Logistics and the role of the warehouse in the supply chain
  • Customer service as the starting point of integrated thinking
  • Role and purpose of the warehouse in the supply chain
  • Types of warehouses
  • Analysis of the different warehouse operations: receiving, put-away, picking, shipment, inventory

DAY 2: Decisions about lay-out

  • Systematic Layout Planning: analysis of the flows
  • Practical exercise on layout optimisation
  • Storage systems & Internal transport
  • Case study or Visit of a well performing warehouse

DAY 3: Functioning of the warehouse

  • Review of the four warehouse structures: fixed structure, variable structure, moveable unit, pick-by-line
  • detailed analysis of operational procedures
  • Methods for Order picking
  • methods for inventory taking
  • Location management in a warehouse
  • Case study or Visit of a well performing warehouse

DAY 4: WMS and cost control

  • Functioning of Warehouse Management Systems: possibilities and restrictions
  • Data Identification, Bar code & Radio frequency
  • Costs and investment analysis
  • Case study or Visit of a well performing warehouse

DAY 5: Step towards a performing warehouse operation

  • Standard times, Ergonomics & Security
  • Flexibility & Productivity
  • Dynamic priority management
  • Key performance indicators
  • Steps towards a well performing warehouse operation