Transport management


Provide Staff members and executives in charge of transport and distribution planning with a clear insight into new techniques and practical solutions of transport optimization.


This training is intended for all Staff members and Executives who are involved in the management of external transport operations and who want to improve their overall results.


DAY 1:

  • Customer service as starting point
  • Importance of the fysical distribution
  • The different transportmodi and their field of application
  • Preconditions of the fysical distribution
  • Functions within the transport
  • Drop size analysis
  • Selection of the transport network
  • Practical route planning

DAY 2:

  • Transport regulations and administration
  • Incoterms
  • Costing of the fysical distribution
  • Transport packaging
  • Company visit

DAY 3:

  • Reverse logistics
  • Information and communication flow
  • Board computers
  • Transport Management System
  • Fleet management
  • Virtual inventory management
  • Modern visions

Intensive 3 day training for the managerial level. The training is build up towards a life case enabling the participants to develop in teamwork an optimal transport structure.