1. Which training can I follow via E-learning ?

We distinguish 2 types of training :

  • Blended E-learning training : A training where classical sessions alternating with E-learning.
  • Full E-learning training : Training without classical sessions

For the list of Blended E-learning trainings you can check our page http://www.zelco.be/en/training-training-course/. Per training it's mentioned if the training contains E-learning.

For the trainings in Full E-learning you can choose for the following possibilities :

  • Efficient Operational Warehouse management
  • Operational Inventory Management
  • Operational Transport 
  • Operational production management
  • Lean Supply chain management

2. How does the E-platform works ?

The E-platform starts from the site http://learning-house.zelco.be.

If you have chosen for a blended E-learning training you go to http://learning-house.zelco.be/login , click on the rubiks cube of your training.

If you have chosen for a Full e-learning training via ELA go to http://learning-house.zelco.be/ELA/Ela-courses.

If you have chosen for a Full e-learning training go to http://learning-house.zelco.be/full-e-learning

The platform consist of 2 parts :

1. A community : this is a forum for questions, discussions, excercices, ... related to the training module

2. An E-module : This module contains theoretical concepts, practical examples, written tekst, pictures and video's, ... 


3. How do I create a Google account ?

The E-platform requires a Google account. This account can be linked to each email address.

Click here  to download the manual to create a Google account.

4. Why is the E-platform downloading SWF files ?

The E-platform is using flash player. To view the material it's important to activate Flash player.

If a download of a swf file is started after using a hyperlink and if your browser is asking to keep or to annulate the download then there is a problem with Flash Player.

When using Google Chrome as browser please activate the plugin "Adobe Flash Player".
You can do this by writing chrome:\\plugins in your browser.

When using another browser we advise to download Adobe flash player.