Production Management

Are you responsible for the production planning?

Or would you like to know how you can control the various factors of the production process and which planning techniques you can apply?

Then take this 5-day course Production Planning!

During the training we will go into topics such as

  • Structure and basic principles of various production processes
  • Objective of production management
  • Set up basic date for Bill of Material and routing file
  • Capacity and its planning
  • Material planning
  • Can Ban, Just in Time, Bottleneck
  • Cost factors within production management
  • Production 4.0

Practical information

The course Production Planning takes 5 days: 4 classroom sessions and 1 e-learning day. You get access to the Zelco e-learning platform.

You also get access to a discussion group via this platform, and we provide the necessary virtual coaching. This way you can skip the traffic jams for 1 day!


The training costs € 1950.

You get high-quality training, access to the e-learning platform, coffee, lunch and free parking!


Session 1: Introduction
  • Role and goals of production processes 
  • Push, pull and push-pull systems
  • PERT planning and critical path
  • Manufacturing planning and control system
Session 2: E-learning
  • Production management according to Vollmann
  • Time phasing
  • Practical application of MRP and CRP
Session 3: Planning of Material and Capacity
  • Bill of Material, routing and inventory
  • Material requirements planning (MRP I)
  • Planning & Capacity

Session 4: Managing production

  • CRP (Capacity Requirement Planning) (labor/machine)
  • Backward and forward scheduling, bottleneck scheduling
  • Priorities
  • Shop floor control and dynamic priority management
  • Planning cycle and techniques 
Session 5: Production 4.0
  • Product wheel and OEE
  • Basic principles of lean in a production area
  • JIT and 'zero inventory'
  • Reactivity
  • Digital transformation and production management
  • Principles productie 4.0
  • Robotics, automation, 3D
  • Big Data and loT