Production Management

DAG 1: Introduction
  • Role and objective of the differant production processes
  • Push, pull and push-pull systems
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning
DAG 2: Material requirement planning
  • Importance of the Bill of Material, the routing and the inventory
  • Praktical material requirement planning (MRP I)
  • Frozen Period
  • Reliable and short throughput times
  • Dealing with stocks and work in progress
DAG 3: Capacity planning
  • CRP (Capacity Requirement Planning) (labor/machine)
  • Finite and infinite capacities
  • Backward and forward scheduling, bottleneck scheduling
  • Rules of priority
  • Shop floor control and the dynamic priority management
  • Planning cycle and planning methods
  • Company visit
DAG 4: Production organisation
  • Analysis of the critical path (CPM and PERT method)
  • JIT, more than 'zero inventory'
  • Practical use of a kanban system
  • set-up times (SMED case)
  • DRP
DAG 5: Basic principles of inventory control
  • Role of stocks as buffer between unequal flows
  • Dependant vs independent demand
  • The principles of the static model
  • The different variables: lead time, revision, rotation, service level