Inventory management

Do you question yourself about the inventory within your company?

Would you like to know how you can define, interpret and influence the various stock parameters in order to find an optimal balance between the stock cost and the customer service of your company?

Then take this 5-day course Inventory Management!

We elaborate on topics such as

  • Types of stocks and their role
  • Stock cost
  • Security Stock
  • The static order model
  • The dynamic order model
  • Chain control (multi-level inventory control)
  • Production planning structure
  • Distribution requirement planning

Practical information

The course Inventory Management lasts 5 days: 4 classroom sessions and 1 e-learning day. You get access to the Zelco e-learning platform.

You also get access to a discussion group via this platform, and we provide the necessary virtual coaching. This way you can skip the traffic jams for 1 day!


The training costs € 1950.

You get high-quality training, access to the e-learning platform, coffee, a 2-course lunch and free parking!