Zelco Logistics obtains Qfor audit label with distinction


Zelco Logistics obtains Qfor audit label with distinction


At the end of March 2012, Zelco Logistics acquired the internationally acknowledged Qfor label for a fourth consecutive time. This distinction was granted after intern audits at Zelco Logistics and after analyzing those who can judge best about Zelco’s craftsmanship: the clients. The acquirement of the label demonstrates the continuity in proficiency, expertise en enthusiasm by which Zelco operates.

Qfor is a quality standard for organizations offering training and consultancy, such as Zelco Logistics, and analyses and assesses the practices with objective norms which are adapted to this specific type of services. The analysis and evaluation of Qfor consists of two parts: firstly, the investigation of the processes and assets that are used, and secondly a survey of the clients of the audited organization. The Qfor label is modularly composed, i.e. elements present in all consultancy- and training organizations are assessed, but also elements that are field or region specific, in this case logistic consulting and training. Qfor utilizes the newest technology for its analysis and also offers tools for self-assessment and benchmarking. On top of that, the Qfor quality label is acknowledged in different European countries, and is on equal terms as ISO or EFQM certification.

The report of the Qfor audit related both to the training and the consultancy Zelco Logistics offers. Zelco organizes open and in-company training with regard to different logistic aspects. In the field of consultancy Zelco offers logistic audits, advice and co-management to its clients. Both the organization and the consultants were judged on different criteria, on which we will have a closer look in a next article. We can yet reveal that Zelco scored the maximum on a couple of parameters, and that the consultancy and training were given an overall score of more than 90 percent. The Qfor report thus shows first-rate results for Zelco Logistics; results which originate from the most reliable source one can get: the clients, because they have the contact with Zelco and are thus in the right position to assess Zelco’s services.

Zelco Logistics wants to thank all the clients for the trust they put in the organization and its services. The Qfor label, and indirectly the clients surveyed for the audit, rewards Zelco Logistics with excellent results for the work it performs, in which practice, customer service, experience and professionalism are key words.