Zelco visit SITL Paris 2013


Zelco visit “Salons des solutions Logistiques et Interlogistics”.

The visit to the exhibition confront us with growing importance of E-commerce in Europe. The main topic in the different seminars were E-commerce.

Several logistics players focus on realizing inventory functions, processing orders and deliveries from E-sales point. The share of those players on the market is growing fast and is focused on diverse domains (textile, toys, wellness and health, construction materials, …)

The new services are the result of the fast growing demand of fast and efficiënt services, and the goal of companies to gain a competitive advantage against the others.

A few examples :
- Pick up your order when your leaving the train station. Packages were delivered in the train station and is waiting for you to pick it up.
- The billboards on the wall in Singapore metro station post QR codes of product. Those QR codes can be scanned by smartphones to order the product en to let it delivered at home.
- The flow of reverse logistics is increased by more of 35% as a result of the E-commerce and the possibility to return the product within certain time frame

The second important topic on the exhibitions are delivery to the city.

The major cities are searching for optimization strategies for delivery to the city. The big opportunities of politicians and logistic partners are first to reduce nuisances and second to improve logistic flows.

Possibilities as using alternative transport methods (by water of by rail) to get into the city are already analyzed, tested and applied. The use of parking places at moments of low occupancy is finding its way as solution.

The diversity of products and deliveries are two complex issues to solve.

Dealers are using all possible ways to help their clients, its up to logistics to find the solution for each specific way of working.