Zelco and Sociale media



Zelco’s LinkedIn page is refreshed and becomes an extra means of communication to Zelco’s customers and the professional world.  




The goal of Zelco’s presence on LinkedIn is twofold:

·         First of all, LinkedIn is an excellent means to spread information. Zelco publishes her messages orderly, visually and clearly. This way, visitors are quickly up-to-date of the latest news and training programmes.

·         Secondly, the LinkedIn page aims to maintain Zelco’s current contacts and to expand the network. The “follow” button in the upper right corner of the page allows you to subscribe to the Zelco page. Moreover, you can opt for being updated of all the LinkedIn news via email.

The content of Zelco’s LinkedIn page:

·         A homepage where brief messages and the latest news appear. You can share the information with your network, or “like” and comment a new publication

·         The page entitled ‘services’ shows the most important training programmes and services.

·         The ‘insights’ page depicts the references of Zelco’s partners. That way, Zelco can help you to get in touch with interesting people, companies or discussions.  

Zelco’s LinkedIn page will be elaborated gradually as a means of communication and networking. In a simple way, you will be updated with the latest news, developments and services of Zelco.

We are looking forward to welcome you as a follower of our LinkedIn page and to extend our mutual network. Join our group and ask the questions you have.