The logistics future in Wallonia

Liege Airport has become a major logistics pool for the region. New companies such as Qatar Airways Cargo, recently settled in the new Zone North. The Liege Airport is the European leader for transport with Africa. More specialization in specific fields such as transport of horses, flowers and pharmaceutical products is going on. Now already the airport is creator of more than 2,000 direct jobs and twice as many indirect jobs.

The region has a good but old rivers network. The challenge is to connect them with the different European networks. Different projects are at the start to extend towards France. By creating autonomous ports in Hainaut the increasing traffic is grown on our inland waterways.  More and more containers are transported through our waterways.  

The analyses faze of transport of goods by rail via the high speed network in Europe is over and becomes a reality by 2015 (phase 1). A first test has been started in 2012 between Lyon and London via Paris (Roissy). Liege Airport is part of this network from the beginning. A cargo terminal will be built near the airport of Bierset. The rated capacity of a TGV has an equivalent of 7 trucks.

The Walloon regional road network still offers a certain security, on the one hand, to supply the neighbouring countries and on the other hand the enterprises and companies of our region.
The Plan bureau expect a strong future growth of goods transport and draw the attention on the urgency of the outdated infrastructure. To realize this innovation in the current economic climate, there is a need for investors and private partners.

Europe will support the Walloon region in the logistics developments even in the future. The difference with the past is that the grants given must be technically and financially strong substantiated. The share of own effort has become very important.

The Region Wallonia plays a coordinating, coherent role in the many progressive projects (1 of the 6 pillars of M N plan 2). Purpose of this structure is to create a logistics unit that brings all the competencies together and stays at the front of the peloton.