Huge success for ergonomic Pick Tool


To improve the efficiency, the ergonomics and the safety in the order picking, Zelco Logistics has developed an easy-to-use tool : the pick rake. The warehouse employees were very enthusiastic at the introduction of this handy tool.  

Purpose and functioning of the Pick Rake

The concept of the pick rake is very simple : this tool helps order collectors in picking articles from deep shelves and can be used while filling up or pushing articles further in the shelves.

The pick rake consists of a retractable tube, a lightweight aluminium or plastic plate and a convenient handle.  With a swift rotation, the length of +/- 35cm can be expanded up to +/- 70cm.  This way, the pick rake works as an extension of the arm. This allows the order picker or the filler without too much bending forward to grab the goods on the further end of the shelf and take them without effort. Users therefore price the effortless handling of this telescopic tool. It is also important that the pick rake is constructed from lightweight materials and hence easy to handle. Most users click the tool on the forklift to settle the handlings promptly.

Benefits : efficiency, ergonomics and safety

Thanks to the use of the pick rake, the order picker or filler is able to retrieve much faster and with significant less effort parcels or products that are located deeper in the shelves. Significant benefits are therefore a greater efficiency in the picking or putting away and an ergonomic approach of the goods without risking back or arm injury.  In addition, this way of operating ensures a safe and convenient handling especially when working at height. For example, when using the ergolift, this mode of operation will avoid that employees have to reach too far over the edge of the machine reducing significantly the risk of accidents.  


References and additional information

Many warehouses already discovered the convenient handling of the pick rake and companies such as Atlas Copco, SKF, DHL Solutions, AVA stationery etc are already enthusiastic users of this ergonomic tool.

The price of a pick rake is set at an attractive 100 euro (excluding VAT). 

For more information please contact us via or 0032 9 377 47 31