First Zelco E-Platform is a fact !


Zelco and Regionaal Technologisch centrum Oost-Vlaanderen were searching to a solution to support the teachers of secundary and higher education for lessons logistics. Zelco’s solution to de demand for information about logistics is an online E-learning platform.


The first course available is Operational Warehousemanagement. The course explain the flow of goods and flow of information in the warehouse.

Zelco takes his role as anchor point to logistic information very serious and use the E-platform to inform teachers and students. This by using written text, videos, images from real live. Even exercises are integrate in the E-platform.

The information captured in the platform is used for own ZELCO courses but also to support lessons logistics in the school.

Which topics are discussed ? We discuss the most important flows of the goods in the warehouse : from inbound through put a way to the storage, from order picking through packaging to delivery. You can find also information about internal transport methods  or communication possibilities within the warehouse.

At the left of the tool there is a menu to scroll through the chapters. You can go through the chapters one by one but also pick out just one chapter to learn.

At the right you’ll find the text, video, images which belong to the chosen menu item. There are also a lot of links created in the text or via the images with more detailed information. For example a forklift, how does it look like, which properties are possible. You can find it all in the online course.


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Zelco is choosing for Blended Learning, a combination between online e-learning and classical discussions. The Zelco platform will be used as base information package, which will be extended with in-depth discussions and cases in group or classical. By using this way of working we’ll try to optimize the transfer of knowledge and experiences in our ZELCO-courses. An in-depth discussion in group can provide more insights and visions on complex problems.