Steps towards a successfull mission

Area 1: Integrated logistics

The INTEGRATED LOGISTICS approach is clearly an expression of a CUSTOMER THINKING philosophy and aims at optimising the total logistics chain from supply of raw materials to the delivery goods to the customer. The objective is not to optimise only a small subsystem by influencing negatively the remainder part of the chain but to streamline the total organization and to define the individual responsibilities in such a way that total Customer Satisfaction can be achieved at an optimum cost. The definition of a clear goal oriented vision and the full cooperation between all elements of the logistics chain are therefore cornerstones for the future success of the company. An efficient communication with and between all members of the organization must become a primary objective. A well balanced and highly productive logistics operation must support the implementation of that vision.

Area 2: The procedure

ZELCO identifies 2 distinct phases when implementing the philosophy of INTEGRATED LOGISTICS. Phase 1 is the definition of the common VISION and the development of the specific Logistic Concept. This concept provides clear answers to the problems of optimisation of customer service; definition of responsibilities; optimisation of Production Planning, Inventory levels and Distribution Networks; selection of the integrative computer system to support the operation and to monitor the operational and financial performance.

Phase 2 provides the necessary Co-management to implement the concept throughout the company and to introduce the change in culture and behaviour in an efficient and ever lasting way. ZELCO has proven records of implementation of Integrated Logistics in DISTRIBUTION for Food and Non Food products as well as in MANUFACTURING in PROCESSING and ASSEMBLY industries in several European Countries including Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Slovenia etc.

Area 3: Co-management

Co-management is a critical success factor for the implementation of a customer oriented solution. ZELCO has learned through experience that successful change management processes must be conducted and monitored by experienced managers whose main missions are to articulate the vision, to sustain the willingness to change and to act as a guide for the organisation on the path towards the new envisaged situation. The main objective of Co-management is to assist the existing management team in order to obtain a smooth transition process by avoiding road blocks and by keeping a delicate balance between personal power of individuals and the optimised cooperation for the benefit of the company result.