Operational management

ZELCO has developed over the years a strong expertise in the following areas of competence:

1. Operational logistics solutions
  • Customer service benchmarking
  • Inventory control for stores and warehouses
  • Design and optimisation of the warehouse operation in conventional and highly mechanised warehousing systems
  • Optimisation of transport and distribution network
  • Implementation of a D R P philosophy
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Document flow analysis and decision support systems
  • Selection and implementation of data processing solutions
2. Operational audit and identification of improvement programs
  • Strategic and performance audit of the organization
  • Performance audit of the logistics function
  • Operational audit of the data processing function
3. Training and education
  • Integrated logistics workshop
  • Inventory management workshop
  • Production planning workshop
  • Warehouse layout and optimisation workshop
  • Physical distribution and transportation workshop
  • Change management workshop
  • Basic Retail Management workshop