ZELCO was founded with the basic mission:

to assist companies in improving Customer Service and Productivity, through the optimised use of Integrated Logistics.

ZELCO holds a policy to employ multilingual consultants who look back on a succesful management career and therefore can understand quickly the real business needs. In addition they can communicate easily with all levels of the organisation.

ZELCO believes that the proposed solutions must be based on the full understanding of the clients business and its corporate culture. This implies the creation of a climate of confidence and cooperation between all members of the organization and the supply of the vital know how to bring the organization to a higher level of competence.

ZELCO assists companies to create lean, productive, flexible and agile organizational structures and to implement the necessary systems, procedures and communication lines to respond quickly to the changing market needs.

ZELCO does not only provide solutions but also the necessary co-management to conduct the change process.

ALFONS VAN ZELE is the founder of ZELCO. He holds a degree of Business Engineering from the University of Louvain KUL (1970), and was further educated at Vlerick School in Ghent and at INSEAD in Fontainebleau. After 20 years of high level management experience mainly in the customer driven Retail business, he created an international consulting practice and developed the ideas of INTEGRATED LOGISTICS and of CO-MANAGEMENT. He was also the president of the Logistics Committee within CIES and Professor at ICHEC in Brussels.